Quito to Banos Ecuador – How we got there

At first the thought of traveling to Ecuador was scary, as we didn’t know what to expect.  We’ve now written some posts based on our travels, here is traveling from Quito to Banos Ecuador.

This post will cover how to get from Quito to Banos.  Check out our other posts to learn more about our travels in Ecuador to Quito and Banos.

Traveling from Quito to Banos Ecuador – Day 2

I awoke to the sound of a rooster at the Quito Airport Suites, a small family run place about 10 minutes from the airport.

Quito Airport Suites Hotel - Quito to Banos
Outside view of the Quito Airport Suites Hotel

The price was reasonable, $44, and it came with a free shuttle ride from the airport and free breakfast, including fresh fruit and fruit smoothies.

From the Quito Airport Suites hotel we needed to catch a bus to the Quito city center because we did not want to pay $35 for a taxi. The lady working the desk did not speak English. In my poor Spanish I got my point across. She then started speaking way too fast. She probably noticed my blank stare and drew us a map on a sticky pad.

Oh great! We’ll never get lost with that map!

Believe it or not we did not get lost and 15 minutes later were at the bus stop.

We boarded the local green bus after confirming it went to the Rio Coca bus terminal, and paid the worker $0.68 each. Why $0.68? I have no idea.

The bus was already packed and we had to stand for what turned out to be a 60 minute ride to the Rio Coca bus terminal.

packed bus in Quito

We exited the area where the bus dropped us, crossed the street, paid $.25 and went through a turnstile into the main bus terminal and looked for the Ecovia (E3) bus. Fortunately there were signs.

As we arrived a bus was pulling away, but as soon as it left another pulled up. Unfortunately we were not fast enough as once again we did not get a seat. Our ride lasted 30 minutes to the Marin stop, the closest stop to the main plaza in Quito.

If you are coming directly from the airport, this is how to get from the Quito airport to the city center.

Brief Stop in Quito City Center

We took a brief walk around the city center. While we were in the main plaza something big was going on at the President’s residence as a band was playing and guards were decked out in colorful costumes.

It was getting late and we wanted to get to Banos so we walked down a block to the Plaza Chica bus stop and boarded the C4 Trole bus. Our luck was no better this time as we stood for the 45 minute ride to the Quitumbe bus terminal.

I guess that’s what happens. If you want to be cheap and pay only $0.25 in Quito, plan on standing on the bus.

Quito to Banos

At Quitumbe we had to get a bus ticket to Baños. There are over 50 ticket windows so it may seem daunting which one is the correct one; that is until you get close and the people all start yelling their destinations. “Baños! Baños!” You just have to figure out which window is yelling “Baños”.

Quito to Banos

We chose a window with a particularly enthusiastic lady.

Be aware that there are four companies that go to Banos – Amazonas, San Francisco, Transportes Banos and Expresso Banos. All are pretty much the same, and the price is $4.50. I suggest checking each company to see which one has the soonest departure and use that company.

The trip takes almost four hours and there is no bathroom on board so pay your 15 cents and use the public restroom before you get on the bus. No need being uncomfortable over 15 cents.

During the almost four hour ride, people regularly got on board to sell food and drinks and, for some reason, pens and pencils.

We even had an apparently lost person come on board and play a Peruvian flute for a while. Remember we are in Ecuador not Peru.

The bus pulled to the side of the road numerous times along the way making us nervous that we might miss our stop. But eventually it pulled into a bus depot and parked, so it was obvious that this was finally our stop in Banos.

Day 3: Bike ride Banos to Puyo

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