How to get from Quito City Center to Mitad del Mundo by Bus

During our trip to Ecuador, in my search to find directions to Mitad del Mundo from Quito City Center, I came across numerous posts referring to a mythical direct bus that no one seemed to be able to find. Well, I found it.

Quito City Center

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I found the obscure direct bus to Mitad del Mundo at the El Tejar bus stop.

From Plaza Grande walk one block north and take a left on Meija. Note that about halfway along, the road veers slightly to the right and turns into El Tejar. Walk until you see the view below. It should take about 10 minutes.

Plaza grand - Quito City Center

Do not cross the bridge to the island in the middle, but rather go to the stop before you cross any road.

You will see a LOT of busses come and go but eventually you will see a bus with a yellow sign that says Mitad del Mundo.

It seems the bus comes every 30 – 35 minutes. Climb on and pay on board. It will cost about $0.50.

The ride will take about an hour. Get off when the crowd gets off.

An alternative is to take the Metrobus from any stop to the Ofelia station

Quito Bus Route Map

and then transfer to the Mitad del Mundo bus.


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