Food in Ollantaytambo Peru

Food in Ollantaytambo Peru

I have already written a detailed report about our trip to Ecuador.

This series of posts will detail our trip to Peru and ultimately one of the new seven wonders of the world – Machu Picchu.

This post (part 5) will cover eating in Ollantaytambo.

Food in Ollantaytambo Peru

In our travels through Peru, we learned that food in Peru can be both delicious and cheap.  Here are some things to keep in mind in Ollantaymbo.

Menu Turistico

Most of Plaza Mayor is surrounded with restaurants all offering similar menus. Most have signs (with prices in Peruvian soles) enticing you to eat there so that helps with the decision making.  Many will offer a Menu Turistico, which includes a soup, an entree and a beverage.

We ate at this place (I don’t remember the name), as you exit the West side of Plaza Mayor toward Ollantaytambo Sanctuary, on the left of the Hostal Chaupy Wasi building.

Food in Ollantaytambo
Food in Ollantaytambo: Menu Turistico

The menu turistico was 14 soles.  We had the alpaca and it was delicious.  My brother said it was one of the best meals he has ever had.

Menu del Dia

If you walk around a little you will also see signs for Menu del Dia.  It comes with soup, an entree and a beverage.  So I still haven’t figured out the difference between the Menu Turistico and Menu del Dia, other than Menu Turistico appears targeted at tourists and is therefore more expensive.

We ate at Restaurant Inca Travel a couple times.

The menu del dia was 8 soles (about $2.60 USD).  After the delicious soup

I had the lomo saltado, a very common Peruvian dish consisting of beef, rice and potatoes.

Food in Ollantaytambo

Make sure you get muña tea as your beverage.  It is unique to the area, and has a delicious minty taste.

Food in Ollantaytambo

Mercado San Pedro

If you are looking for cheap and local, Mercado San Pedro is the place to go.  It is located a block east of Plaza Mayor.  The bottom floor has many booths selling things like fresh meats, fruits and vegetables.  My first time there I didn’t even realize there were upper floors.  Look for stairs and head up.  There you will find small stalls selling food.

I found a number of places serving menu del dia for only 5 soles (about $1.70 USD).  Locals were eating here, so I assume they know the good places.  The food tasted just as good as when I ate at other restaurants.

Food in Ollantaytambo


A common breakfast offering was rice and potatoes with an egg on top.  One can find breakfast for about 5 soles.  Inside Mercado San Pedro, you can find this breakfast for 3 soles (about $1 USD).

Food in Ollantaytambo

Peruvian Specialties

In addition to alpaca, you will see a lot of signs advertising cuy.  Be aware that cuy is guinea pig.  Feel free to try it.  I can’t give any feedback because I think guinea pigs are too cute to eat.

And you can’t go to Peru without trying Inca Cola.


Remember that the water is non-potable.  Either buy bottled water or use something like a life-straw to filter your water.

Summary: Food in Ollantaytambo

Food in Peru is good and cheap.  Look for the menu del dia for a cheap option (about $2-3 USD) which includes both soup and an entree.



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