How to get from Ollantaytambo to Pumamarca Ruins in Peru (in pictures)

Pumamarca is an ancient Inca site that is one of the top things to see if you are visiting Ollantaymbo.  The hike takes about one and a half to two hours one way.  But it is worth the hike as you are rewarded with amazing views and an Incan site all to yourself.

Directions: From Ollantaytambo to Pumamarca Ruins

-How to get from Ollantaytambo to Pumamarca Ruins in Peru-

When I did the hike on my trip to Peru and Machu Picchu, I kept thinking “am I going the right way?”  So I decided to write a post detailing my journey, including pictures to reassure you that you are going the right way.

In the picture captions I note the hiking time from the time I left Ollantaytambo (time = 0:00).  I did not rush, but I did not stop either, other than to take pictures.  Your time will vary.  You will be coming back the exact same way, so keep checking what the view looks like from the other direction.

0:10 Walk out of town along Camino a Willoq until you come to this Y. Take a right and follow the path along the creek.
0:24 Follow the path until it connects back to the road. Keep going straight.
0:26 Follow the road for two minutes until you see this building and take the path to the left of it.
0:27 Path to the left of the red building
0:28 The path climbs steeply for about 8 minutes
0:33 Incan terraces to your left
0:34 At the water tank turn right. Then take a right at this Y.
0:34 Follow the path to the right of the Y up along this ridge.
0:47 after about 10 – 15 minutes you get a breathtaking view of some Incan terraces
0:52 keep going through this small creek
1:02 almost on top of the Musqa Pukyo Incan terraces
1:07 Walking along the top of the Musqa Pukyo Incan terraces
1:15 Finally some sign that I am actually going the right way. But those distances seem way off.
1:18 Signs of life
1:20 Cross the creek and veer to the right
1:21 and through this other creek
1:26 and keep following the path next to the aqueduct
1:31 first sight of Pumamarca in the distance!
1:32 you come to this fence but it is the only way to go, so I went over the fence and kept going
1:34 Since you can now see Pumamarca take your pick how you want to get there

I have been here twice.  The first time I went straight and just worked my way to the site.  The second time, I took the road to the right and about halfway there was a person who was selling tickets to get into the sight for 10 soles.


1:44 View from Pumamarca looking back from where I came

Note that there was a small rickety gate when I approached the site.  It makes you wonder if you should enter or not.  But I did.  Plus, no one else is around, so who would know?

Conclusion: How to get from Ollantaytambo to Pumamarca Ruins in Peru 

I loved this hike because I felt like I “discovered” the ruins as I was the only person there.  I got to explore anywhere I wanted and the views were amazing.  It was definintely worth the hour and 44 minutes to get there.

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