8 Day Itinerary for Norway – Norway Cost and Expenses

Three of us took a trip to Norway here is our 8 day itinerary for Norway! Eight days and seven nights traveling in Norway, mostly in Bergen and Stavanger.  Below is a summary of our Norway cost and expenses.

Travel ItemNorway Cost per Person
Airfare$616/per person
Lodging$224/per person
Transport/Lodge (on ship)$173/per person
Transport$50/per person
Attractions$76.97/per person
Food$77.85/per person
Total – 8 Days$1,219.51/per person


Norwegian Air had flights to Paris for only $229 each, and flights from Paris to Bergen for $93.

We flew back from Copenhagen for $294.

Cost:  $616 per person for airfare.



We stayed at the Clarion Hotel Admiral, with a view across the harbor to the Bryggen.  We spent 32,000 Choice points.  The hotel goes for over $200 per night, and was $280 for the days we wanted to go.  A bonus is that our stay came with one of the best hotel breakfast buffets I ever had.  We filled up and weren’t even hungry at lunch time.  It cost $144 ($72 per person) to purchase Choice points via the Daily Getaways promotion in April.


We stayed at Ostervag 47, a nice apartment near the corner of two very cool pedestrian streets – Ostervag and Ovre Holmegate – and a five minute walk from the harbor.  This apartment was cheaper than hotels, especially for three people as it had two separate bedrooms, and we figured we could save money by buying groceries and cooking at the apartment.

Two nights at Ostervag 47 cost us $323.00 ($107.67 per person for 3 people).


Prior to our flight back across the ocean, we spent the night in Copenhagen.  We chose Cabinn Scandanavia because it offered three beds for cheaper than most of the hotels that had two beds in a room.  The cost of Cabinn Scandanavia was $135.77 ($45.26 per person for 3 people).

Cost: $224.93 per person, total cash lodging costs for 5 nights in hotels in Norway


For two nights, we chose unique options that allowed us to both get to where we wanted to go, and give us a place to sleep.

Overnight train from Stavanger to Oslo

The train itself was almost $100 per person for the 8 hour trip .  Not only would we still have to get a hotel in Oslo but we would have spent most of the day on the train instead of doing cool stuff.  For only $30 more, we solved those problems by getting a sleeper cabin on the overnight on the train.

Our 2-person sleeper cabin was $231 ($115.50 per person)

In hindsight, we felt this was a little expensive for being crammed into a tiny room on a train that, with it’s shaking, either lulled you to sleep or kept you up all night.  Couple that with the numerous stops in the middle of the night and you could sleep but it wasn’t the best sleep.  Though it wasn’t the Orient Express, we did this because we wanted the unique experience of traveling on an overnight train.

Overnight ferry from Oslo to Copenhagen

8 Day Itinerary for Norway

We loved this option.  We were able to travel between Olso and Copenhagen.  Sleep was good.  Our DFDS “ferry” felt more like a cruise ship.  Unlike the train that boarded at almost midnight (and we immediately tried to sleep), we boarded at 4:30 and had the entire evening to enjoy the ship before going to sleep.  We got a 2-person cabin for $115.08 ($57.54 per person) , half the cost of our overnight train.

Cost:  $173.04 total for our transportation/lodging combos

Local transport

Light rail from Bergen Airport to the city center was 37 NOK, $4.59 per person

We took a ferry from Bergen to Stavanger for $36.68 per person, which included a bus from the Stavanger ferry terminal to the city center.

We took a bus from the Copenhagen ferry terminal to the hotel for 24DKK each ($3.78) and we took the metro from the hotel to the airport the next morning for 36DKK each ($5.67)

Cost:      $50.72 per person for local transportation costs


We were in Norway so we had to do a fjord cruise.  I think we would have done one in Bergen, but we were so busy we felt we didn’t have time to fit it in.  We felt like there was less to do in Stavanger, so fit in a fjord cruise.  We went on a 3 hour fjord cruise by Rodne, from the Stavanger Harbor, for 520 NOK ($65.20) per person.  It was a bit on the expensive side, but we are glad we did it since we were in Norway.

In Bergen, we also took the funicular up to the view at Floyen which was 95 NOK ($11.77) round trip.

Other than that, we enjoyed walking around and enjoying the local culture.

Cost:  $76.97 per person


When we were in apartments, we went grocery shopping and cooked cheap meals to save money.  Otherwise Norway was very expensive and we tried to eat as cheaply as possible.

Cost:  $77.85 per person

8 Day Itinerary for Norway Cost:

$1,219.51 per person for 8 days and 7 nights in Norway


  1. What a lovely trip it would have been in such low budget will surely implement as similar plan when I would be travelling to Norway this summer will surely look out on cutting out costs as much as I could and have a great exposure out there Thank you for sharing youor wonderful experience with us.



    1. Kinika, thanks for stopping by. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. There are ways to travel reasonably and still see the places you want. We travel on a lower budget so we can afford to travel more often.



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