Best 3 places to eat in Ecuador on a budget

Over our 8 day stay in Ecuador we ate some interesting food. I’ll list some of the top places to eat in Ecuador on a budget.

We ate in: Banos and Puyo Ecuador.

Staying on the budget friendly side, you’ll want to keep an eye out for “Almuerzos”

Most, if not all meals, were under $2.50, for relatively large portions.

Also I brought along a Life Straw Water Bottle.

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Places to eat in Ecuador on a budget

1. Paradero “El Mana Del Dio”

Hidden in the jungle, Paradero “El Mana Del Dio” was hands down the best of any of the places we ate at in Ecuador. They start you off with the typical soup this however had plantain chips on top. Next they brought out the main course which in this case happened to be a vegetable only platter. Needless to say that was also great. They ended with desert and again more plantains but they find creative ways to use the same fruit with out it getting redundant. Rounding off this amazing meal they served what I felt like was a combination of lemonade and tea (made with the same thing that’s in their coffee: (Guayusa) The best part in my opinion, was the kitchen, you had a view right into were the magic happens.

Price: couldn’t say, it ended up being on a stop for a tour. I would still think under $4. But I would’ve paid more considering I’m still thinking about it right now!

2. Restaurante Pollos a la Brasa “El Primo”

One of the first places we ate at upon arrival to Banos, Ecuador was Restaurante Pollos a la Brasa. Like most places, “El Primo” was a hole in the wall, family run business. Honestly, the more places you can find like this the better off you’ll be. These small places serve big portions and are easy on the wallet. This being one of my first dishes in another country, a lot of what they brought out had me questioning combinations of foods I’ve been eating for years. Popcorn, yes popcorn, if you look close enough in this photo you’ll see popcorn on the table. We looked at it like we did popcorn in the states. Grabbed a hand full and tossed it back. Come to find out later, by watching other locals, it was something you added to your soup. Very interesting combination but it was also very tasty.

Price: $2.50

3. Las Menestras de la “Eloy Alfaro”

Las Menestras de la “Eloy Alfaro” which loosely translates to “The Legends of Eloy Alfaro” was also a favorite on the trip. We called it grandmas place because of the logo of the grandma. Again very similar plates at all the restaurants but also all very different tasting.

On a side note: I was told that the water was not okay to drink in Ecuador, so I purchased a Life Straw. Now when there wasnt water there was juice! The juice they served had no effect on me whats-so-ever.

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