Panera Free Unlimited Coffee – Subscription

Panera Bread is back, with a new offer to draw back in customers. Their current marketing avenue entails an Unlimited Coffee Subscription.


People voted, they received the amount they needed. Now you can get free coffee till September 7th, 2020. Signup for an account, if you enjoy it keep it and pay $8.99/month subscription, if not, cancel before the 7th.

To start off their promotion they have a poll going on Twitter to see if people even want an unlimited coffee subscription.

However it’s in the form of “Free” Coffee for the summer if they reach 500,000 votes for “Yes” by 6/22/2020.

I voted yes, because why not get some free coffee right?!

From the Panera Bread website:

Here’s the (coffee) deal:

With your MyPanera Coffee subscription, you’ll get unlimited coffee for the price of about 4 cups.* That’s just under 30¢ a day for any size, any flavor: Light roast, dark roast, hazelnut, decaf, iced coffee, or hot tea. Subscribe today, have some coffee, and do some great things.

How do I get my coffee?

Use it just like a MyPanera reward. Order at the register or kiosks when you’re in the cafe, online or through our app. With a MyPanera+ Coffee subscription, there’s nothing stopping you from reaching your full coffee potential.

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Unlimited? For real?

Redeem your subscription once up to every two hours with unlimited refills while you’re in the cafe.

Subscription price is currently set to $8.99/month

Panera free unlimited Coffee

A interesting offer in an already interesting time. I’ll be curious, like others, to see what the future holds in store for Panera and their Unlimited Coffee deal.

Not ready for a unlimited coffee plan, consider signing up for their Panera Rewards Program

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