Street Art in Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is known for all it’s quaint shops and restaurants. But don’t forget to keep your eyes open for the street art along the way.


Park in Memorial Park in Manitou Spring.  Manitou Springs is about 10 minutes west of Colorado Springs on highway 24.  Parking is free.  If you park farther into town you will have to pay to park in the street. You’ll get to see all the great Manitou Springs Street Art here.

Memorial Park, Manitou Springs Colorado

Street Art?

I’m no art specialist, so what I call street art may not be what you call art.

But this is just for fun. Keep your eyes open for the following.

I figured it would be more fun to just show pictures and make this more of a scavenger hunt.

Manitou Avenue

All of these are along Manitou Avenue between Memorial Park and the traffic circle at Ruxton Avenue.

Street Art Manitou Springs

Soda Springs Park

These are just past the traffic circle.

Soda Springs Art

Ruxton Avenue

These are on Ruxton Avenue between the traffic circle and Twin Spring.

Summary: Manitou Springs Street Art

On your way through Manitou Springs, keep your eyes open. There is so much more than shops and restaurants.

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