HEB Sweepstakes Winner – Pick 10 from the Super Bowl Commercial

Fresh off their Super Bowl commercial HEB announces they will give out groceries for life by entering their sweepstakes. HEB Sweepstakes Winner could still be out there!


A Winner has yet to be announced. Check your email.

Entering the sweepstakes ended on Feb 16th, 2020.

HEB Sweepstakes drawing takes place on or around February 24th, 2020 in San Antonio Texas.

“The recently-named #1 grocery retailer in the nation will roll out a sweepstakes that gives participants who download the new My H-E-B app an opportunity to play a fun mobile game for a random chance to win the Texas-sized grand prize.”

HEB News Room

Download the NEW H-E-B app for a chance at the H-E-B sweepstakes!

What you actually win:


Sponsor will select the number and denomination of Prize Cards (totaling $5,200 per year) to be awarded each year in its sole discretion, and may alter the number, denomination, and type of Prize Cards at any time with or without notice. Sponsor reserves the right to issue Prize Cards more than once per year (in prorated amounts) but will in any event issue Prize Cards at least once per year, and Sponsor may revise or amend the timing of issuances at any time with or without notice

HEB Sweepstakes Answers

Here’s a video with the HEB Sweepstakes Answers:

HEB sweepstakes winner

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