I Hate Flying Southwest, But I Do It All the Time

flying southwest

 Update 2020 – Flying Southwest


More Reasons

I don’t like the uncomfortable jostling for position in line as I try to find where to stand for B16, and sometimes getting the dirty look when I step into my place in front of someone.


Yet I still fly Southwest somewhat regularly. Why?


For other airlines, I always worry about what I am going to do if something happens and I have to change plans. I have to read over my booking five times double checking dates and times and cities fearful that I may have made a mistake. I don’t stress out when booking on Southwest. If I make a mistake or change plans, I can simply go back and cancel or rebook without worrying about change fees or penalties.

When flying Southwest I feel like I have more peace of mind about the booking.

I hate flying Southwest, but I do so regularly for this one reason. Why don’t other airlines wise up?

Read more about how, Southwest has made re-booking easier

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