Christmas at Disney Fort Wilderness

One of the most overlooked experience is Christmas at Walt Disney World Resort, strolling through Disney Fort Wilderness Campground, is not only one of our favorites, but it’s also FREE.

What is it?

Maybe it’s best to say what it is not. It is not a Disney sponsored experience. Guests decorate their campsites with their own personal touches. It’s better than it sounds.

Some people have simple blow up decorations.

Some are a little more detailed and include Disney characters.

And others are downright extravagant.

Some people go all out

This castle on the 700 loop is so big there is a full-sized RV parked behind it.

A full-sized Cinderella coach awaits outside the castle.

This campsite had a train the size of a full sized car.

I didn’t count, but I bet this campsite had over 100 Storm Troopers dressed in Christmas pajamas. I don’t remember which loop but it is somewhere between 700 and 1100.

The 1200 Loop is Best

This campsite was set up like Radiator Springs. To get an idea of scale, there is a full sized SUV behind Luigi’s.

Disney Fort Wilderness

Take a short walk through the campground.

Golf Carts

People decorate golf carts and drive around the campground looking at all the Christmas decorations.

There is even a golf cart parade at 3:00 on Christmas Eve

Check out this movie. Note that kids love the parade because people toss candy from their carts.

As cool as this was, a number of people there said the Halloween parade is even better as people go all out. Silly me thought people went all out for this.

How to find Christmas at Disney Fort Wilderness?

This is at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground in Walt Disney World.

You can take a bus from any of the other Disney Resorts and get dropped off at the Outpost

From there we took a bus. You can take either the yellow, orange or purple bus loops as all of them go to Settlement. From Settlement, we walked from loop to loop. When done we took a bus back to Outpost and from there took another bus back to our Disney resort.

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