Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt

Is it safe to travel to Egypt? I had always wanted to see the pyramids in Egypt, but was concerned about safety. Friends and family warned that I was crazy to go there because it is not safe. Here is what I found.

is it safe to travel to Egypt

Online Research

I decided to look into it myself instead of taking other people’s opinions. There seemed to be two distinct points of view.

Egypt is safe. I read lots of blog posts and, across the board, everyone who had recently traveled to Egypt said they felt safe. Note that these comments were from people who had actually been to Egypt.

Egypt is not safe. The fear mongerers actually had not been to Egypt, the same as the people who told me that I was crazy to go there because it isn’t safe there.

There are a number of travel blogs that regularly pop up near the top of search engines. But, when looking closely, I noticed that all the information was generic and all the pictures were from places like Flickr. I realized those people were probably writing from their desk at home because nothing in the write up indicated that the author had ever visited that place. I avoided those blogs, and I’m not even going to give them the courtesy of mentioning their names.

I felt more comfortable after reading numerous posts by people who had actually been to Egypt who said they felt safe while there. So I decided to go.

My Personal Experience

10 Pictures that will make you want to go to Egypt and the Pyramids

Admittedly my Egypt experience is limited. In March of 2019, I spent three days in Giza, visiting the Giza plateau, Saqqara and Memphis. I also spent two days in Luxor, visiting the Valley of the Kings in addition to the Luxor and Karnak temples.

I will echo what other people who have been to Egypt. I did feel safe in Egypt.

Now I will admit that there were other issues. I have never been anywhere where I was pestered to buy things more than as when I was in Egypt. However, as annoying as it was, I did not feel unsafe.

And you also need to be aware of the scams in Egypt. Again those are annoying, and you need to be aware ahead of time, but again I did not feel unsafe.

So, is it safe to travel to Egypt …

Egypt is very cool. I loved seeing the ancient architecture. There were trying times dealing with people pestering me all the time, but I did not feel unsafe.

Be aware that I traveled to Egypt prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, so I can’t speak as to what the situation is there now.

If you are considering traveling to Egypt, read my post on things you need to know before traveling to Egypt.


    1. Yash, thank you. Please be aware that I traveled in March of 2019. I cannot say for certain if anything is different now but I enjoyed my trip then



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