Red Rock Canyon Hike: Quarry Pass Trail

Colorado Springs. A moderate hour long loop in Red Rock Canyon Quarry Pass Trail, close to Garden of the Gods.

Red Rock Canyon Open space sign


Take exit 141 off I-25 and head west. After a few miles you will come to a light at 31st street. Go through the light and pay attention as Red Rock Canyon will be your next left.

The Hike – Quarry Pass Trail

Red Rock Canyon Trail Access

Yes, I know the map is upside down. Be patient and let me explain. Enter Red Rock Canyon. Go past the parking lot on your right; the road will bend to your right and there will be another parking lot (the East lot). Park there. Get out and face the trails and this map will now make more sense.

Red Rock Canyon Parking

Head diagonally to the left and you will be on the Red Rock Canyon Trail.

Enjoy the view along the way.

In five minutes you will come to a shelter. Follow the path to the left.

But don’t miss the cool view off to your right.

Red Rock Canyon lake view - Quarry Pass Trail

Continue along Red Rock Canyon Trail. To your right, in the distance you will soon see the quarry.

Keep walking for about 10 more minutes until you are even with the quarry and then turn right and follow the trail toward the quarry.

The Quarry

Head up the path. It will come to a V. You can take the easier path to the left.

Or you can take the cool path up the old miner’s stairs.

Either way will take you into the quarry.

Red Rock Canyon Quarry
View back down to the Red Rock Canyon Trail

To continue, look for the steps in this area.

Climb up and to your right.

Heading Back

The Quarry Pass Trail continues at the far end.

The path will head down and in a few minutes will cross the Greenleaf Trail. You can take a sharp right and follow the Greenleaf Trail back to the parking lot.

However, I suggest heading straight across and continuing to follow the Quarry Pass Trail. It is slightly longer, but the views are much better. After a few minutes you can look back and see the quarry from which you came.

This is the only tricky part. Go up and to the left; not down to the right.

Great views along the ridge

About 10 minutes after leaving the quarry you come to my favorite view

Quarry Pass Trail - Red Rock Canyon Hike

About a minute later, you will come to this sign.

Turn right and head down the hill on the Mesa Trail.

Red Rock Canyon Mesa Trail; Garden of the Gods in the distance

Keep heading down

and you will come to the main parking lot after about 15 minutes on the Mesa Trail.

Take a right and follow the path and within a couple minutes you will come to the East parking lot where you started.


This quarry pass trail is a fun loop at Red Rock Canyon. There is some elevation gain but it’s not too hard. You get to explore in the quarry. You get amazing views along the way. And you are back to your car in about an hour.

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