UIS XC Conquers Pikes Peak

July 16, 2019

5:27 a.m. The adventure begins
20 minutes later we are watching the sun come up
Early on in nice shaded woods
3 miles. Look at those smiles. “Fools. They have no idea what lies ahead.”
Sporting UIS gear
5 miles. We see Pikes Peak. But it still looks really far.
Is that Bigfoot on the right?
It’s a mirror image of the same pose
Abbey Road

Barr Camp

Arriving at Barr Camp after 2.5 hours
Halfway and happy to be here
Breakfast before we head out. Who brings tortillas on a hike?
Back to the grind
Notice they forge far ahead with no regard for their poor old coach
We are tired of these switchbacks
Notice those faces aren’t as happy anymore
Hey let’s pretend we are balancing this tree on our head


So little oxygen, trees die. Let’s see what happens to people.

A break before we get above timberline
Our last views of trees up close
Going from trees to small shrubs
2 to go
It’s called Likes Peak
That’s the trail we came up. Notice how far the trees are.
1 to go
They look much better than I feel
Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care anymore
These rocks may not look big but they feel big

The Summit

Elated to make it

Looking out from the summit
Looking back down

The Pasley Files

July 10. This trip we pushed the pace early so I didn’t have the energy to take as many pictures.

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