Stavanger to Bergen Norway – Best way to get there (Walkthrough)

If you’re visiting Norway chances are you want to get from Stavanger to Bergen Norway. They are two of the most popular destinations in Norway. However, what is the best way to get between the two cities?

Stavanger to Bergen Norway


Norwegian Air flies direct flights.  Expect to pay at least $55 to fly between the two cities, and that is if that price is even available and you happen to fly on the right date.

The flight is less than an hour, but you do have to factor in travel time, and costs, to and from the airports.


You can take the train, but I don’t know if you want to take the train.  Last I checked, it was 1149 NOK (over $140).  There is no direct train between the two cities.  You have to take a train to Oslo and then take another train from Oslo to Bergen. The entire journey takes over 16 hours.  You have to really like riding on trains to do this.


I suggest taking a ferry.  Fjordline runs a ferry service from Stavanger to Bergen.

Stavanger to Bergen Norway - Ferry

The cost is 100 NOK for a bus from central to Stavanger to the terminal and 200 NOK for the ferry.  The total cost of 300 NOK (about $36) is cheaper than either flying or taking the train.

The 5.5 hour journey is not only more comfortable but more scenic.

Check out the extra room you have compared to a plane or train.

You can even sit in uncomfortable chairs on the spacious deck.

The ferry leaves Stavanger at 7:00 a.m. and arrives at 12:30 p.m. at the Hurtigruten Terminal which is within 15 minutes of the Bryggen area of Bergen.

Tip:  on the fjordline website, make sure you find the price in NOK and not euros.  When I first looked to book, the price came to €25, when I changed it to NOK, the price was 200 NOK, cheaper than the €25 I first saw.

If you want to do the reverse – Bergen to Stavanger, the ferry leaves Bergen at 1:30 p.m. and docks in Stavanger at 7:00 p.m.

Conclusion: Stavanger to Bergen Norway

Take the ferry from Stavanger to Bergen.  You are in Norway.  You will enjoy your mini cruise much more than being crammed into a hollow metal tube or on a train for 16 hours.

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