Best things to do in Strasbourg France

Strasbourg France is the largest city in the Alsace Region, but if you stay in the Grand Ille area, you’ll still get a quaint, small town feel.

Top things to do in Strasbourg France

Le Petite France

If you want quaint and historic in Strasbourg, this is the place.

Stroll the streets of Grand Ile

Strasbourg France - Grand Ile
Strasbourg France – Grand Ile

If you like old architecture, and I do, you could wander for hours and not get bored. Don’t worry about getting lost; it’s an island.

Strasbourg France Cathedral

Strasbourg France - Cathedral

This gothic masterpiece was started in the year 1015 and construction finished in 1439. Looking at everything on the front facade keeps you engaged for a while, very stunning.

Then you’ll enter and the wonders continue, stained glass windows surround you on three sides, including a giant rose window.

Don’t miss the Astronomical Clock.

Free to enter

€5 to climb the 322 steps to the tower

Place du Marché-aux-Cochons-de-Lait (Market Place of the Suckling Pig)

From Place Cathedral head down picturesque rue de Maroquin, one of my favorite streets, to the Suckling Pig Market place, a quaint square surrounded by half-timbered houses with a view of the cathedral spire.

Explore the other town squares

  • Place Kleber
  • Place Gutenberg
  • Place du Marche Gayot
  • Place du Chateau
  • Place Broglie
  • Place St. Thomas

Maison Kammerzell

Strasbourg France - Maison Kammerzell

With its bottleneck windows, this 15th century Renaissance building in Place Cathedral is the most unique building in town.

Cour du Corbeau (Crow Court)

Strasbourg France - Crow Court

A great example of 17th century Renaissance architecture.

Cross the pont du Corbeau and veer diagonally to the left. Look for an unassuming passage at 1 Quai des Bateliers.

Visit the Quartier des Tonneliers (Cooper’s Quarter)

Strasbourg France - Coopers Quarters

The barrel makers have a nice district for wandering. Don’t miss the giant cask.

Take a boat cruise in Strasbourg France

Strasbourg France - Boat Cruise

Yes, its touristy but it a good way to see the city.

Get tickets next to the tourist office in Place Cathedral.

Price: €13.00

I’ll admit, that we did not do this because it looked like a floating greenhouse and because I didn’t want to cook in the heat.

Where to Eat – Strasbourg France

For a memorable setting eat at a cafe in Place Benjamin Zix in Le Petite France.

If you are coming from Paris CDG Airport, and have to spend time near there prior to catching a train, consider walking around the quaint town of Roissy.

From Strasbourg, consider going to Colmar and using it as a base to visit some fairytale villages in Alsace.

Spend less; travel more


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