The Embarassing Bathroom Incident in Eguisheim France

During our trip to Colmar, in Alsace, we did a day trip from Colmar to Eguisheim.  It’s one of many lovely towns in Alsace that we visited during our trip to France. Though there are fun things to see in Eguisheim, something interesting happened, thus the incident in Eguisheim.

Eguisheim, Alsace, France

A Bathroom Break

After strolling through town, enjoying the wonderful half-timbered houses, I had to go to the bathroom.  We headed over to the Tourist Information office, and found toilets out back.

However there was a strange sign on the toilets.

incident in Eguisheim
Sign outside toilet in Eguisheim, France

I had never seen anything like this.  After being in so many dirty public toilets, it seemed nice to have one that was actually cleaned after each use.  Is there a sensor in there to notify the worker?  Do they actually have the staff to clean the toilets after every person uses them?  I was impressed.

Another question that crossed my mind was regarding the 15 minute time limit.  Did they have to put up a sign because there were so many people who had been in there for over 15 minutes?

The Incident in Eguisheim

Anyway, I walked into the toilet and closed the door.  I stepped up to the urinal, unzipped my zipper and started to do my business.  I heard a strange click.  I heard a faint spraying sound, and before I knew it, I was being sprayed from all directions.

I spontaneously started yelling, “Hey!  I’m in here!  It’s spraying me! Make it stop!”

I could hear my wife and her mom laughing hysterically outside.  I yelled”Stop laughing”, but they just started laughing harder.

I had a dilemna.  I was being sprayed with toilet disinfectant, but I was still midstream urinating.  I tried to stop the flow, but I had to go so badly that I couldn’t stop it.

I don’t know if the drain was plugged, but the water was rising at the bottom.

I couldn’t just bolt outside, pants unzipped, still urinating, with my wife and her mom standing out there.

So I had to just stand there, eyes closed, feet covered in disinfectant water, and take it like a man.

Finally, my bladder was drained so I could finally zip up.  By that time it was too late.  My hair was wet; my clothes were wet; my shoes were soaked.

I washed my hands in the sink, though I don’t know why because every part of me had just been disinfected.

I then walked outside to find my wife and her mom, faces bright red, tears rolling down their cheeks, still laughing so hyesterically that I thought they were going to choke.

Sadly, to this day, I have not been able to live that moment down.  They delight in bringing it up over and over and over.

Don’t Make the Same Mistake

So to save yourself a similar fate. Beware.  Either close the door and wait for the toilet to clean (especially if someone goes in before you).  Or, if you are not sure, be safe and “go” with the door propped open.


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