OrlyBus: Orly Airport Via OrlyBus – How to get there (walkthrough)

There is a lot of information about Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, but much less about Orly Airport.  If you are staying in Paris, and flying out of Orly, here is how we got to Orly airport via OrlyBus.

Orly Airport via OrlyBus (Metro)

Take the Metro to the Denfort Rochereau stop.

OrlyBus - Paris Metro
Paris Metro Map

When you get off the Metro, you simply follow the signs

OrlyBus - Bus Sign

The simplicity ends there.  When you get outside, there are no more signs and it’s just confusing.  Look around until you see this view and follow the guy with the backpack.


Once you round the corner, you will see the OrlyBus in the distance.

Keep walking past the buses and you will see the ticket machines.

Pay €8.30 (credit cards accepted). Wait for the bus to pull forward and board.

OrlyBus - Bus Stop

About 30 minutes later you will arrive at Orly.

RER Option

Note that you can also take the RER to Denfort Rochereau.  In one respect this is slightly easier, because as soon as you exit the station, you see the Orly Bus


An easy, and probably least expensive (€8.30), way to get to Paris Orly airport is via OrlyBus.

Spend Less; Travel More


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