Puerta de Alcala Madrid Priority Pass Lounge Review

The Puerta de Alcala lounge is located in Terminal 2 of Madrid Barajas Airport. The lounge is located near gate D62. Follow the signs.

You can access the lounge with a Priority Pass membership.

The first thing that struck me was how big it is. You can barely see the other end.

puerta de Alcala Madrid Lounge

They take advantage of the space by setting the seats far apart. You have a lot of room and don’t feel crammed right next to everyone like many other airport lounges.

There was another big room with very few seats.

Food at Puerta de Alcala Madrid

There was a cooler with sandwiches and fruit cups.

puerta de Alcala Madrid Lounge - Food

There were trays of breads and pastries and trays of cheeses and lunch meats.

At lunch time they replaced the breads and lunch meat (yeah that doesn’t make sense) with some salads and hot dishes. The salads included an aesthetically pleasing purple pasta salad. It looked good but tasted awful.


There is a cooler with sodas and beers.

puerta de Alcala Madrid Lounge - Beverages


Well, there is no bar. But there is a self-serve table with plenty of wines and spirits.

puerta de Alcala Madrid Lounge - Wine

If you have a long layover and need a shower, there are two available. I don’t have any pictures as they were locked when I was there.

Summary: Puerta de Alcala Madrid Spain

I loved all the space, not feeling crowded next to everyone. However, I am usually not a picky eater, but most of the food didn’t taste very good to me.

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