The Club at DFW Priority Pass Lounge Review

After enduring the temporary Club at DFW, I finally had the opportunity to visit the newly renovated The Club at DFW, which I can access with my Priority Pass Membership that I received with my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card.


The Club at DFW is located near gate D27 on the second floor.

Take the escalator next to the Artisan Market and turn right at the top. The Club will be the first door on the right.

The Club at DFW - Main
Entrance to the Club at DFW

The Club

As soon as you walk in, you will find flavored waters on your right.

The Club at DFW - Drinks

and snacks on your left.

The Club at DFW - Snacks

There is a small seating area with 12 small tables and chairs

One thing that could have been better was power outlets, as there weren’t any.

Food and Drink

There was a buffet spread with a much larger variety than the previous Club at DFW.

I left before the lunch spread came out so couldn’t tell you anything about that.

There was a coffee machine

and cooler with sodas and juices.

The Club at DFW

Next to the buffet there was a small bar.

The Club at DFW - Bar

Additional Seating

There was an additional seating area but I found it odd that you had to exit the club and go across the hall.

One seating area overlooked the terminal.

The Club at DFW

Or you could go into the “other” lounge

The Club at DFW

where there was a seating area with 14 comfortable chairs

The Club at DFW

and another with five lounge chairs.

Seating at the Club at DFW

Fortunately there are power outlets on this side.

There was a single unisex bathroom in this additional seating area

The Club at DFW

that included a shower.

The Club at DFW

Soap, shampoo and conditioner were included. There was a basket with dirty towels so I assume you ask for towels from the desk.

However if this single bathroom is occupied you will need to find a public bathroom in the terminal.

Summary: The Club at DFW

Even though the lounge is new, it was smaller than I anticipated. I found it odd that half the lounge was “outside” across the hall.

The food and drink options were good but not spectacular.

Having outlets in the seating near the buffet would have been helpful.

If you are comparing “The Clubs” I liked The Club at MCO much better.


4:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.  daily

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