Eventyr Lounge CPH – Kastrup Denmark – Priority Pass Review

The Eventyr Lounge CPH is the only Priority Pass Lounge after passport control in Copenhagen Kastrup airport. It is located next to gate C26.

Eventyr Lounge CPH Review

Eventyr Lounge
Eventyr Lounge at CPH


According to their website, the Eventyr Lounge offers almost 200 seats in 750 square meters (8,000 square feet) of space.

However it feels half that size. That’s not to say it is not nice. It’s very open, with views out big windows on three sides.


There is no bar, but there are several self-serve areas.


We arrived at 2:00 and there was a decent lunch selection.


Eventyr Lounge - Food Options
Food Options


Eventyr Lounge - Food

Hot Dogs

and cold food platters.

Eventyr Lounge

Other amenities

There are two shower stalls to freshen up.

Conclusion for the Eventyr Lounge CPH

For me, comfortable seating and food and beverage satisfactory enough to serve as a meal are the most important things.


5:30 – 20:30 Sunday through Friday

5:30 – 17:30 Saturday

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