The Club at ATL Priority Pass Lounge Review

The Club at ATL Atlanta Priority Pass Lounge Review

There are technically three Priority Pass Lounges at Atlanta (ATL) airport but I don’t really count the Minute Suites in Concourse B or T. Count them if you want, but having a private room for a maximum of an hour doesn’t do it for me.

The Club at ATL is in the International Terminal/Concourse F on the Mezzanine Level near the Chapel. You see it immediately as you enter the terminal from the escalator.

The Club at ATL
The Club at ATL

We arrived around 11 a.m. and were greeted by a very friendly receptionist.

The Club at ATL
The club at ATL

My first impression was: decent size but not much ambiance. There was a seating area with about 50 seats. The furniture seemed a little worn. Along the side were some tables for two and some bar stools around a large table. Many of the seats had a view of the road, a parking structure and the tarmac in the distance.

The Club at ATL

On the other side of a partition, more seats awaited, though they didn’t seem very comfortable. It included a small snack area with pretzels, popcorn and gummie bears.

The Club at ATL

Food and Drink

Along one wall, pita bread was served with a raspberry chipotle cream cheese topping, as well as some potato salad. A limited selection of vegetables, with either Italian or ranch dressing, adorned the small salad bar.

The Club at ATL - Food

Next to that was a self-serve soda machine with a cooler below filled with bottled water. Coffee and tea were also available.

A separate island offered snacks such as Miss Vickie’s chips, Lorna Doones, Milanos, Oreos and chewy granola bars.

A large bar covered the back wall, complete with a large selection of spirits.

For those needing to freshen up from a long day of travel, there are two shower rooms.

Update December 2018

We arrived at 4:00 and the place was packed. We had to stand for a little while before we got a seat.

The food selection was better than last time with some wraps and sandwiches.

And the snack area had 12 jars of snacks with treats like M&Ms, Jelly Bellies and Skittles.

Conclusion – The Club at ATL

The Club at ATL is spacious enough for the number of people while we were there. However, I wonder, since it is the only lounge in the world’s busiest airport, if it gets overcrowded at other times of the day.

Prepackaged snacks and drink options were decent, but the food options could be better.

The bar was large and not very crowded.

Overall, it beats sitting at the gate waiting for your plane.


6:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

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