Quito Airport Priority Pass – Layover Stay Lounge

Quito Airport

Quito Mariscal Sucre Airport has a landslide lounge, Layover Stay, in addition to its airside lounges at the Quito Airport Priority Pass Lounge.

Layover Stay is part of the Priority Pass network.

To access the lounge, cross the street outside Arrivals from the main terminal. Go in the door on the right of the building.

Quito Airport Center

As soon as you enter the door on street level you will see the lounge.

Quito Airport Layover Stay Lounge

Quito Airport Priority Pass Layover Stay Lounge

Sitting Area

When you enter the lounge you will notice four tables in front of a small food and beverage display.

Quito Airport Layover

Food and Beverage

There is a small selection of snacks

a coffee machine and a bottle of red wine

Quito Airport Layover - Coffee

and a self serve beverage cooler featuring Coke products.

Quito Airport Layover

More Seating

In addition to the table seating, there are two sets of comfortable chairs with a shared table.

Quito Airport Layover - Seating

Additionally there are 12 comfortable recliners.

Quito Airport Layover

And behind the white curtain there are an additional 10 recliners in a dark area if you want to catch a nap before your flight.

There is also a small shower in the bathroom.

Quito Airport Priority Pass

Overall, I feel the seating is very comfortable, however I feel the food and snack section could be improved.

Open 24 hours

Five hour maximum stay

Once you head into the airport and through security, check out the Salon Mitad Del Mundo Lounge Review Quito Airport


    1. Yes, this is definitely outside of security. There is a building across the street from the terminal with some restaurants and the Layover Stay Lounge is in that building. There are also Priority Pass lounges inside security.
      I only went into the bathroom and noticed that there was a shower in there, but I did not take a shower, so I cannot say for sure if there are towels available.



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