Quito Airport Suites Review (the novice traveler)

Find out what a first time traveler thought about a Quito Ecuador Hotel. Read more about the Quito Airport Suites here!

Quito Airport Suites Review (the novice traveler)

Date: May, 2018

Preface: First impressions from a novice traveler, with little to no experience traveling or staying in low-budget hotels / hostels. I was also very tired when we arrived.

Customs at Quito Airport
Customs at Quito Airport

We land in Quito, Ecuador from Dallas, Texas at a little after midnight. Headed out to baggage claim Scott tells me, ” we have a driver, his name is Dom” and by driver he meant a free shuttle that picks you up at the airport and brings you to the Quito Airport Suites.

So as we look for “Dom” we see a tiny lady holding a very roughly written sign that says Scott. Not the Dom we had pictured but we were glad to see someone still waiting for us, as we were late on arrival to Quito / plus the customs line was long.

The Drive – to Quito Airport Suites

Hopped in her van and we took off… at the speed of a snail. “Muy despacio”. I appreciate her considering us precious cargo, but there was an episode of Fast and the Furious going on outside of the van window. What should have been a 10 minute drive was a 20 minute drive, but hey that’s still not bad from the airport.

From what I heard people talking about, the Quito Airport used to be located in another area, a more populated area, and had since been moved to what they called the country. So many of the high end hotels or even a selection of hotels had greatly diminished. With that being said we were on a cobble stone street with little to no lighting. So my first initial impression was not a great one (see photos).

It was an interesting drive to say the least, lots of turns down streets you would not have imagined were streets. Then we stopped. I looked around and then at Scott and said “why’d we stop?” Dom, or insert nice van lady’s name, had already popped out and opened the doors which to me meant … you’re home.

The Hotel

I looked and really didn’t see a home or hotel. I saw tall walls and a big gate.

We stood at the gate, knocked on this giant wooden gate and rang the door bell. A few moments passed and a small door on the gate opened and a lady waved us in.

So now I see a house, it’s still very dark.

We walk into the hotel. My first reaction was that it looked like a college dorm room common area. Couple tables, a couch and the the check in counter / kitchen.

Main living area at Quito Airport Suites
Main living area at Quito Airport Suites

She then handed us the key which was, oddly, a maraca, and brought us to the room. We could have played a little music with it, but it was time for bed.

At this point my irrational fear of international hotels / hostels was disappearing, as this place was starting to look pretty cozy.

Bedroom at Quito Airport Suites

Two separate beds/bedrooms and a bathroom.

Bathrooms at Quito Airport Suites
Bathrooms at Quito Airport Suites

One bedroom had a tv and one had a convenient outlet. I think at the time we were both so tired neither one of those was a priority.

Within minutes …passed out.

Day two at Quito Airport Suites

Woke up just in time for breakfast which ended at 9am

Still a little tired from yesterday’s travels I wasn’t sure how the free breakfast situation worked. A lady who had stayed the night also had her food in front of her but I saw no, typical, breakfast stand. Then someone who worked there waved me over (obvious, but hand gestures are the universal language)

She showed me a menu and, but of course, I went with the safest bet for my first day in Ecuador … Pancakes. Yes pancakes.

Breakfast at Quito Airport Suites
Breakfast at Quito Airport Suites

The pancakes came with fruit (papaya) and fresh squeezed fruit juice.

Again not your typical breakfast, still not sure why I was expecting it to be. Pancakes were good; the juice and the fruit I’m still questioning three days later. Not that it was bad, just not sure if it’s something I’d get again.

Now outside to go take some photos. Annndd … wow it’s like night and day. The place is beautiful: green grass, farm land, fruit trees, a huge yard, nothing like I had pictured the night before. Not even close to what it looked like at night-time.

Right before we left we walked around the yard to find coffee beans, orange trees and an avocado tree.

Read a full review from that day here: Quito to Banos – Day 2


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